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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 1, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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are you ready for facebook live. >> of course. i will do that harris set it up. happening now starts right now. >> and a fox news alert two hour away from president trump delivering an announcement from the white house on weather the u.s. will opt out of a global climate deal under president obama. >> reporter: we got confirmation when james comby will testify before the house committee leading one of russia investigations. the form are fbi director heads to capitol hill a week from today. lots to get to this hour we are covering all the news happening now. >> republicans celebrated after their plan passed the house by a then margin. one law make says the senate could vote mid summer. how likely is that? >> i expected go to decision very soon. >> awaiting would
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recommendation to president trump on weather to send more u.s. troops to afghanistan. >> seems like yesterday's deadly terror attack in cobble's green zone impact that decision? it is has not taken flight but on the move. your look at the world's largest airplane. it is all happening now. >> we begin with is this fox news ash letter on the count down to a moment us decision hang nothing the balance weather the u.s. will stay in or get out of paris climate deal. welcome to the second hour of happening now. i'm john scott. >> i'm heather in for jena lee. president trump medicaring that announcement two hours from now in the rose garden as we await his appearance early indications are he is expected to pull out. a point he drove home on the campaign trail last year. >> we are going to cancel the paris climate agreement.
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and stop -- [applause] unbelievable. and stop all payments of the united states tax dollars to un global warming programs. report report president is known to weigh all the options and he is being lobbied by sides on both sides of issue. >> a lot of people go both ways. >> jon: russia investigation on capitol hill is picking up speed as we learn former fbi director comby will appear before the committee a week from today june eighth. >> reporter: the house panel is ramping up the russia investigation after getting off to a slow start. issuing now subpoenas and revealing partisan differences as the search for answers infence fies. >> jon: we have fox team coverage. james has the latest on the russia investigation. but we begin with kevin at the
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white house as we approach crunch time. ketchin? >> kevin: you are right what we expect the president to say is currently constructed the first climate agreement does not serve the best interests of the american people whchl is why we expect the president to pull out of the deal or major portions this afternoon in the rose garden opening the door for more negotiation or as the white house call its fairer climate negotiation. as it is designed the paris climate acord is supposed to gradually reduce e missions that cause climate change especially among the world's biggest pollute ors. 195 nations signed on including the u.s. of it is not a treaty which would have required law make are approval it is easier to pull out of the deal or part of the deal. now during his trip to the g7 the president pledged support for the agreement he declined saying he wanted to study program terse.
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that study is all but complete. >> he campaigned being the approximate of the united states first not president of the world like obama was. and so when you are president of the world you don't put america first when you make these negotiations and deals. i think president trump is going to i hope get out of the paris accord. >> reporter: but there are folks arounded globe that are concerned about his idea of perhaps an abandoning the agreement. i will share a tweet. this from the president of the european council. tweeted to the president saying, please don't change the political climate for the worse. >> play on words there. ultimately this is also something to keep an eye of the president may decide to keep the u.s. in key aspects of this agreement as long as it does not unfairly target the u.s. economy. we will have to watch and look
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forward to bringing you coverage at 3:00 p.m. from the rose garden. >> jon: thanks. >> reporter: meanwhile, well is braking news in the russia investigation as we are learning that former fbi director are james comby will testify before the senate intelligence committee income thursday, june eighth. the house intelligence committee issuing subpoenas as it ramps up the russia probe. james rosen is live from our d.c. bruro with more on this. james. >> reporter: the so called unmasking probe run by the same committee the house intelligence committee. the chairman the california republican who signed the three unmasking subpoenas issued by his panel yesterday told fox news this month that there is a legislative function to his probe of the unmasking actestify. >> people in one party looking at intelligence and request be unmasking on another party we are the beginning stages of that.
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i remain concerned about it. because i think that at the ends of the day we'll have to have major changes to federal law. >> reporter: the unmasking subpoenas were served at lunch yesterday on the fbi, cia and national security agency of the 3 agencies committees say the ns approved minimally responsive to the request for documents that had ground to a halt. thus the subpoenas. names referenceod the subpoenas are well known. national security advisor susan rice denied improper unmasking. a john brennon declined comment and samantha power. pulitzer historian power served on obama's senate office. investigators say they are devoting scrutiny to power as a participate in the unmasking activity. she, too, declined request for comment but figure in the this cryptic exchange last week.
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>> do you recall any u.s. am bas dorse asking that names be unmasked? >> i don't, i don't know. may be it is ringing a vague bell i could not answer with confidence. >> the house committee subpoenas targeted michael flynn trump's forme national security advisor and michael cohen. cohen denied colluding with the kremlin flynn sought immunity for congress testimony. >> reporter: live for us, thank you. >> jon: more on this during the first hour of happening now i ask joe tripe former campaign manager whether he is convinced there will be solid evidence of obstruction of justice by the white house. lynne to his reaction. >> i think comby's testimony if it is that he was asked to could you let one go, that testimony that we are hearing is
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potentially what he will say. if he says that, it says to me that you are gonna see this investigation and the consequences hang over this white house probably for years. all through the two 2018 election for sure and probably beyond. it will not go away if that is comby's testimony. >> jon: bring in daniel editor for the wa"wall street journal." what do you think about that, does the white house risk having potential momentum and future accomplishments over shadowed by this russia thing? >> i don't think there is any question about that, jon, joe tripe is right. now they have the justice department appointed a special prosecutor, robert muler, the nature of the violation run for years in the past they always have. there will be a drip of information that will hang over the white house and the white house will be expected to respond to that while they are
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simultaneously trying to prosecute the president's generaled. >> fair to say democrats have been push thanksgiving it hamstrings the white house? >> i don't think there is a question hay have been doing that understand something about the issue. yes, we have a special prosecutor robert muler. he will look for evidence of crimes. you were discussing with joe tripe whether there was obstruction of justice. along side that the fact this has been a cernel intelligence investigation in weather the rushians were meddling in the election and how they were doing it. that does not necessarily involve criminal activity by anybody on the american side. so, if is a complicated issue in that the counterintelligence piece is here say, it is conversations that occurred between people and that is a very difficult political thing for the white house to try to get arms around, there is no concrete evidence so far that anything happened. >> i reminded viewers in 2012
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upon obama while president and candidate obama deride romney for suggesting the russians were biggest faux. it was as if peace had broken out all over. now people on capitol hill decided the russians are bad actors. >> they are bad actors and indeed trump during the campaign raised the possibility of forming a coalition with the russians to fight terrorism. we know the russians are meddle nothing our elections but germany and france. it has been putin made himself radio active you cannot do business with him >> they have done this for decades this did not start in 2016 upon that was the subtans of the clapper report in january about whether there was meddling that affected the trump campaign
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or the clinton campaign. the substance of that paper was about russian meddling in the pol ticks of the west and the pol ticks of the united states to under mine and destabilize us. was not about contacts with trump officials. >> the president hired an outside attorney to try to, i don't know, choral the cats and get the white house's response. is that going to allow other white house personnel to get the president's agenda moving? >> i think it is a good idea. this white house has been running on two tracks the trush/russia track and the trump agenda track the agenda track will ll lead us to a successful policiy the trushg/russia track is a train wreck the idea they'll sequester the russia inquires with mark and the attorneys for t attorneys he will hire is a good
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idea. if justice appointed a special prosecute or inside the fbi well is no reason yet white house should not sequester russia. if the press wants to ask questions go to the lawyers and let the rest of the trump white house get on with the business which they were elected. >> dan from the "wall street journal." thank you very much. >> heather? >> reporter: the u.s. navy on the move with two aircraft carriers involved in joint exercises on the high seas. the drills were intended to send a message to one rogue regime. and yes. new details on the worse terror attacks on american soil. new video e merging from the viewpoint of police officers as they responded to this horrific scene. >> all finished.
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jon jon new released footage gives the hears of the pulse night club shooting. body cam video from the viewpoint of police officers on the scene. the attacker killed 49 people on june 12th make this the deadliest mass shoot nothing u.s. mystery. steve in miami with more on that >> steve: 10 hours of video footage from the hor ~esque night from 30 different police body cams you get a feeling of the night. hear, terror, adrenaline and fear. police running toward the scene within two minutes first respond eshs were there in a darkened night club where the dead and wounded laid around and confronting a kill are with anning argumented assault rifle they return fire. you will die! get down!
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>> you hear personal moments as well. one police officer whispering to himself asking geez to yous watch over him. there were questions and criticism of police tactics from that night why it took three hours from the time the first shots were fire to kill that gunman. there were complications to the operation. host ammiaged hostageds held in a back bathroom. you get a sense of the uncertainty in hadark, deadly arena that night. police were saving people at the same time frisking people they were saving perhaps ash frayed the kill are had acomp accomplices in that night club. >> for the criticism our police officers take most us would not want to do those jobs. >> steve, thank you. >> reporter: running the other way. right now two symbols of
10:18 am
american power are cruising on the korean peninsula drills with the tensions with the north. aircraft carriers and support groups are taking part in a three day drill. along side japanese forces the pentagon dispatching the ships to the area after a series of north veala missile tests and the hostile language the train nothing the sea of japan. >> jon: republicans claim victory when their plan to replace obama care passed the house of representatives. now it moved to the senator, to a senator it could be up for a vote mid summer? a little ambitious? our panel debates >> a driver getting safety before his tang is in flames the scene that witnesses call nothing short of amazing.
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>> jon: cell phone video that captures the terrifying moment after a fuel tanker explodes in oi highway near denver. crews bagging the flames for three hours. witnesses amazed at what they saw. >> first, things flew and the rest i didn't see anything fly. >> heard a big, boom. looked up and saw black billowing smoke. >> never seen this before. >> jon: the driver escaping the cam moments before the tanker was completely engulfed. hes pant's leg on fire as he got away. emergency crews rushed him to a
10:23 am
hospital for treatment. [music] >> new details on a potential time line to repeal and replace obama care the republican plan passed the house and now to the senate. texas senator keep itting short and sweet when asked if republicans can get it done by the ends of the year? >> absolutely. we will get it done the end of july at latest. >> you hear that. end of july. let's bring in adam a campaign strategist and jim kessler former legislator and policy legislator and cofounder of third way. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: i will begin with you, adam, is this wishful thinking heal get it done in the income two months >> senator's prediction may be optimistic it is commendable because he wants to get it dun. edharris would here, houston we
10:24 am
do have a problem. when you see that our freepremi are up for the average individual. a year and that is 105% increase in four years. wages have been stagnant. we have primary doctor shortages and insure office are inflating the market. we have to do something. you might say the verdict on the affordable care act. if you were asked, how is it going? you have to say are you getting more? no. are we paying more? absolutely. i think that is what awful us have to put our minds and efforts into regardless when this is passed. i commend senator corner for sense of urgency. >> reporter: trying to move it along which is the president wants there are differences in the republican party themselves. so issue jim, what you do think? is this being way too optimistic? >> i think july 2018 is too
10:25 am
optimistic. i don't think this ever gets to the senate floor. gout got a senate g. o. p. that is bitterly divided on health care and policy items. you have a president who is weak and scandal i don't think that will change. and the house pass bill is unpopular. weak president, divide party, unpopular bill if you want to fail those are the main ingredients. >> reporter: do you see senators making the same mistakes that house republicans did. there has been discussion about the public meetings or people allowed to know enough information about this before it moves forward? >> to be honest i'm concerned about it because communications 101 suggest you on board the public first. tell them again what the problem is. get them involved in the discussion, i like hearing the
10:26 am
senators are meeting a lot to talk through the options but i think the public should not listening to that on the outside of a closed door they have to be a part of it and hopefully when this is said and done i hope the final thing we hear from people in washington are words you never here. if once this is done and once we have how true reform of reform on health care, once we get there, if something is not working the way it was intended we will fix that. we will not shove it down into a black hole or kick the can down the road. we will say, that's did not work out the way we wanted it to. we will go at it again. would not be refreshing. >> so jim, what do you think the chances are of that happening? >> the chances of something happening positive on this is possible. may be in two year's time when republicans give up the ghost of repealing this law. you know the house pass bill 23
10:27 am
million would lose insurance but you look at page 41 of the congressional budget office the nonpartisan review of the bill, 64 year old working class person would go from paying 1700 under obama care to 16,000 under trump care. >> that is with no waivers. with the waivers it would be 13, 600. so, it is more than 10 that you knowed for that person. this is tough to sell. republicans have over sold this for a long time. i think they are in trouble. eventually i think there are fixes but they are jiffy lub size fekss not the overhaul of jump the car and overhaul the engine. >> reporter: do they need to overhaul the entire engine or come together quickly on a plan that used part of what the house put together and their own changes as well? adam? >> this is where the
10:28 am
legislative process should help. this is where you drill down to specifics to make sure the program, which in concept a lot of people are behind will in reality work. and what i like to suggest the democrat who is made it clear not to make it partisan they made it clear they don't want to be a part thankful process, they say this is your problem. health care is everyone's problem and everyone's concern we want them to come to the table and not just say. this is not what we would back or support or be comfortable with because the problems that we are facing now were ones created not long ago in a democratic administration. >> democrats are united against this push for reappeal and replace the problem is weather republicans can ushg night unite moving forward. thank you for joining us. >> jon: an hour and a half away from president trump's announcement from the white house rose garden will decide
10:29 am
whether to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. we will look at two perspectives on the deal and the impact. yesterday's terror in cobble's green zone is shows terrorists strike where they want. will this form president trump's hand to send more troops to afghanistan. our next guest say this is needs to happen to win the unwebable war. >> i think it is fair to say 28 of the 28 nations around the table were committed to endurings presence in afghanistan. and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source... ...of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms.
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>> jon: we are awaiting president trump's decision on the paris climate accord expected to announce the u.s. will with draw from the 200 nation pledge to reduce pollution the white house insists it will cost u.s. jobs. we'll timed out in 90 minutes the president can surprise us. doug has more in washington bruro. >>you took the words out of my mouth the chance the president will surprises when faced with a difficult decision the last piece of advice he hears is the one he bases his decision of with that said, the expectation is he will announce his decision to pull out of the climate accord this afternoon believing the agreement hamstrings the economy. experts are divide.
10:34 am
fudged mr. trump to stay in it is the general motor the dows and the life blood of the american economy the three m's. and so they are all pret unanimous that it be better to stay in. >> trump's expected decision is likely to worsen the political division racking the country. dig mayors in anticipation of today's decision had been laying the ground work for a revol. 12 of them abide by the paris accord anyway. >> donald trump being a denier
10:35 am
is stip laying a reaction that is going to be strong and tell be susstainable and california be there in the forefront of leading theest to the economy. >> this may set it set up a test of the laboratory of the states if democratic governors team up we may have two splay energy standards gone iing the state. the nored and blue but tos tossile against renewable states. >> doug reporting. thank you, doug. >> number of troops what i have done is gone to a comban stan and met with president begany and the nato representative and it is commander in the field. i have been in brussels and also on the side in copenhagen talk with my counterparts there.
10:36 am
to collect allied input and that recommendation is being put together by the chairman and myself and -- i expect tell any to decision very soon. but, no, it is in the made yet >> secretary of defense speak a little over a week before yesterday's massive attack in cobble. sending more troops to afghanistan and many wonder, will security measures change follow thanksgiving act of terror. joining me now to talk about it lieutenant michael walt a former green beret commander and counter terror advisor. author of warrior diplomat. and a fox news contributor. very abouts. thank you for joining us. afghanistan we have been well 15 years. more troops, is that the answer. that is one answer, take a step back for a second. we have seen lots of commentary in the months of this is an
10:37 am
unwinnable war. have been there 15 years what could a few thousand more troops do that 100,000 could not do and discussion and off eds how hard this is. my point is that we really don't have a choice. if the taliban regain in afghanistan and over throw the state or take over significant territory, which they are doing right now issue isis. al-quaeda and 20 of the world's 40 declared terrorist groups will reinstitute and target the united states again. the question is not whether we stay engage today is how we stay engaged. i think we need to do that at a low level of sustained engagement supporting the afghan's, south koreans and colump bians and others over the last several decades we will be there. >> reporter: where we fight them. here is what congress man adam consistency i thinker had to say. >> if you think that
10:38 am
devastating truck attack was bad yesterday, these are the people that would love to be able to do this on the streets of the united states of america. and what is stopping that we're fighting them over there versus relaxing and letting them do that here. this is a very important war but it is important to keep in mind when you fight an ideology you are not fighting the nazis with a standing army when you are fighting an ideology this will be a generational war. >> reporter: what you just said. the point you made. >> that's right. >> adam is absolutely right. >> reporter: i want to talk about the attack that happened in cobble the death toll is 9400 injured. 11 u.s. citizens the taliban denied responsibility. and the afghan intelligence believes a pakistani group alined with the taliban carry today out. how many groups are we talking about now? >> you have the taliban and the
10:39 am
hakani network with pakistani intelligen intelligence. the former chairman said they are an arm of the pakistani intelligence service. look. we will add more troops to thicken and help the advisory effort. the real crux is pakistapakista. no cernel insurge anancy has be successful in world history when the enemy enjoys a place to rest. rearm and launch attacks that's what the taliban and the hacanny and isis is doing in western pakistan we need a firmer frooch. we need to put pakistan on notice that have to knock off support or they will see massive walk back of american support and money and other types of benefits they enjoyed. we have to change our policies toward pakistan. >> reporter: what do they need
10:40 am
to be the trump administration obviously reviewing everything in afghanistan before they make a final decision. one point that i heard was that the u.s. coalition forces enhance troops by 8400 american and 5,000 coalition forces, would that work? >> we have 8400 on the ground. general niccal son the smander in the field asked another three to 5,000 and what he wants to do is to advise the afghans at a more tactical level. american soldiers are not going to kick in doors and pulling triggers. but they will stand and work by, with and through the afghans. support.them with med vac, close with commander control coordination. that's what we have don in columbia and south korea, all over the world successfully and doing it today with the iraqi army and with the courage in
10:41 am
syria. tell be that frontline but supporting role that you will see thickened with the new troops that's what the afghans need they can pull triggers. >> number of additional troops depend on the troop level commitments. >> authority. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> i want one more reminder we have american hostages now in pakistan and afghanistan. university professors and american family and we cannot forget we have those folks at risk and we need to go and get them out. >> all right. thank you very much. >> all right. thank you very much. >> john? >> jon: the world's largest plane is ready now for the world to see. what is next for the strato launch? approaching liftoff at the kennedy space centerace space x gives nagsa a hand. message this liftoff is supposed to send to russia.
10:42 am
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>> leaving hang er shulg launc under construction near four years a wing span large are than a football field. carry rockets to the statos fear. the move outside the hague are markings the beginnings of the aircraft ground and flight testing phase, john. >> >> jon: that looks cool. withhold not want to fly that. >> reporter: i'll do it. you can be the pilot. >> jon: i would be happy to. i need five engines. >> count down is on, a cargo ship for the international space station is scheduled to liftoff from kennedy space center if the weather holds up. phil live for us now. phil?
10:46 am
>> reporter: weather is the only concern we had an hour's worth of rain. we will see how it holds up as we get close to launch time 5. . 55 earn time. it is a 70% chance for g. live out on launch pad 39 a, four hours or so until blast off. everything else, nothing to worry. 6,000 pounds of supplies and 200 plus science experimentos board the cargo dragon. including a group of mice to see approximate bone can be grown in their body in space to combat osteoporosis and bone loss a concern for astronauts and everyone on earth over 50. and a ground breaking new solar aray will be tested. goes up in a coil and in space it unif you recalls like a party favorite. this has the potential to increase -- kilowatt production by 30 in space. for a long range space comploergz like going to mars
10:47 am
that is key. >> what about reliance on the russians when does that end for getting to space? >> it is looking like 2018. no more paying russia 70 million dollars per astronaut to fly up. space x confirms the crew dragonship will have a demo flight issue uncrewed this december and march 2 astronauts go up on the space station. boeing is the other company contracted fly astronauts to the space station their time table is income june. empty star line are craft to the station and in august sends up two astronauts. space x says if anything goes well it intends to fly up two space tourists all the way around the moon and back by the ends of next year. that will be further than any human flown in space since
10:48 am
apollo 17. the 3:00 president trump announcement. space x founder says, if president trump backs out of the deal he will stop being an advisor on climate and science issues to the president. >> jon: fill keying from the kennedy space center in florida. thank you. >> reporter: the hurricane season officially starts today. we ever live from the fox extreme weather center with what the country can expect from the monster storms this year.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> reporter: hi. jena lee all eyes on the white house as we await the president's decision on the paris climate agreement. obama aids subpoenaed what they know about the unmasking of trump one name is unusual. what you need ton and what not to know about former fbi director comby scientist y test front of congress next week all ahead. >> jon: new information not guilty battle against opioid
10:53 am
abuse in the udz. the state of ohio suing five drug companies including them of misrepresentatives the rescues of prepgsz pain killers. 33,000 people die in the 2015 due to over dozing on opioids including prescription pain kills and heroin. that is more than any year on record according to the cdc. there are five companies named in the suit blames the drug makers spending millions prom e promoting pain kill and are down playing addictive qualities. >> reporter: now to a fox extreme weather alert today marks the official start of the atlantic hurricane season. as secretary of home land security john kelly visits with government forecasters for his briefing on what might be in store for the nation this year. what should we expect? ric is live in the fox weather center and that is who we asked. what can we expect. >> rick: it is hard to believe we are here. six months long is the season. that's why it come.
10:54 am
goes through the end of november. and there are above average surface temperatures to warmer than average temperatures across the organization giving more fuel and we think there will be a more active season than usual. anywhere you seat yellow that is above average. plus are below. in the gulf there is i patch of blue. temperatures are below average. that will not last long and over all the warmer temperatures across the atlantic. this is neither an el nino or lanina. that is the water temperature off the coast of south america. because of that, we think there will be an above average season this is what noah's prediction. theerz average. you get the idea in the named storms the hurricanes and the major hurricanes all have a chance to have a bit above average season. these other names we had one storm in november that is gone. big thing to note we are in
10:55 am
june, things don't get ramped up until you get toward july. into cawing august. that's what we are looking at. if we see something earlier on in the season. the western caribbean and gets generally here in the gulf. a lot of times we see a land fall storm in the gulf. we will certainly watch that closely. now we have a storm we are watching on the southern shore of mexico bringing rain in. over all. heather, we are expecting to see above average season. if a tree falls, does it matter if it falls on the u.s. coast line if a hurricane happens it causes big impacts. >> reporter: i saw the name, brett on the list. >> [laughter]. >> thank you, rick. >> you bet. >> jon: peace in hollywood and musical history for sale. pull out your bell bottoms and flat form shoes how much it will cost to get that night fever. the final 30, next
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>> time for the final 30. little piece of disco magic is going on the auction block. the original dance floor where john travolta strutted his stuff in saturday night fever expected, jon, to fetch more than $1 million. jon: it was in a nightclub in brooklyn. the building is long gone but they kept the famous floor. now you could be dancing on it. >> nice. we have extra time. show some of those dance moves. >> no. that's all you get.
11:00 am
>> i think you wanted to. i can tell you wanted to. >> when it's spontaneous, that's when it's pure art. >> thank you for joining us. >> "america's news hq" starts now. >> jenna: breaking news in the philippines. reports of gunshots and a fire at a resort hotel. the facts coming into our news room at this time a little sketchy, but we know that this potentially is a big incident and a major city. at this point the timeline looks like this event may have started a little bit over an hour ago. we're trying to work hard to confirm details. reports of gun fire, of an explosion, some video we're seeing online as well. you can hear gun fire rapidly in succession. there's a big question for us whether or not this is an on going incident. we think it is. or whether or not it's over. but the reports are suggesting this is an active situation and one we're going to continu


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